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Choosing an Attorney

You need to be a good consumer  when deciding which attorney you hire. Here are some basic question you need to ask when interviewing an attorney.

  1. How many years have they been in active full-time practice?
    If the answer is less than five, move on.
  2.  How many completed jury or court trials they have done?
    Most attorneys have never tried a case in their life. If your attorney is not a seasoned trial specialist, there’s a chance he or she will  simply sell you out cheap or end up referring you at the last minute to a litigator. The attorney you hire should have at least 7-10 completed court or jury trials under their belt. Insurance companies know which attorneys try cases and which don’t. If the attorney you are considering does not have trial experience, move on.
  3. Be very cautious about hiring an attorney from TV advertising. Insurance companies and jurors often do not respect these entities.
  4. Never, ever let some attorney refer you to a new doctor or chiropractor you have never seen before.

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