Help for Injured Workers

All employers whom employ at least one  full time employee are required to give all employees workers compensation benefits.  These are wonderful benefits and can be a true blessing.  If you are injured on the job or develop a medical condition over time (i.e.Carpal Tunnel or shoulder impingement), you should be entitled to the following great benefits:

1.  Payment of all of your reasonable and necessary medical bills.

2.  Wage loss until you can return to your job full time.

3. Reimbursement for gas and mileage going to your doctors and therapy.

Your employer must PROTECT your job – keep your job open and help get you returned to work.

If you have a permanent injury,  your employer’s insurance will pay for this. If you can’t do your job after your accident, you can qualify for going back to school (at the insurance company’s cost) and get vocational help for free.

Copyright 2015 Rich Hechter