My Prediction for Ms. Amy Sensor

Of interest, I just finished a  similar case in Hennepin County before Judge L. Norris.  My client was charged with Criminal Vehicular Operation and Hit And Run as felonies.  Unlike Sensor, my case was resolved through expert and effective negotiation, and not trial.  My client received NO jail time, a $150.00 fine, 120 hours of community service, and informal probation for one year.  Her felony charges were dismissed and she was left with a low level  misdemeanor offense for a conviction.

Amy Sensor lost in trial.  My prediction is that she will be sentenced to serve only 6 -12 months in the work-house (county jail), have to pay a few thousand dollars in fines, will have additional home arrest (electronic monitoring) and will also have to complete many hours of community service.  Let’s see how close I am when Ms. Sensor is ultimately sentenced.  If I was her attorney, I would have AMY start leading an exemplary life and start performing massive community service between now and  her sentencing.

Ms. Sensor still faces a civil wrongful death claim. Her auto insurance will defend her and pay any sums she is found to owe, but only up to the limit of insurance the family had.  I assume it’s at least 1 million or more.

In my practice, I use trial as a tool of last resort.  It is always a big gamble letting 12 people who are strangers with all types of preconceived biases, set judgment upon  you and your life.  I wish closure and peace for the Sensors and the victim’s family


Rich Hechter
Criminal & Civil Trial Lawyer


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