Shame on the non-profit and its cold-hearted soul

I just finished representing a wonderful 62 year-old Russian immigrant. She came here in the 1990s, because a U.S. Citizen, and spent 18 years of her life teaching and caring  for young children in a religious organization and their child care program.  A short while ago, this woman who gave completely of herself and had been rated as one of the best, was discharged by the non-profit.  No notice or grace period was given.

To add insult to injury, when my client applied for unemployment, the non-profit blocked it, by claiming the employee had been discharged for misconduct.  This caused my client to be denied unemployment.  Her husband has been disabled and now, they had no income coming in.

I immediately took the case, appealed the decision of the State of Minnesota, conducted a trial and won!  After my legal work and trial efforts, a Judge reversed the department of unemployment, held my client engaged in no misconduct, and awarded back benefits, on. My client now has the benefits she so desperately needed.

I was deeply troubled by this case in light of the mission statement and vision statement of the non-profit which, in essence, is to lend great support and assistance to those in need, and those in a particular religious sect. It was a very good feeling getting the WIN on this case.

Copyright 2015 Rich Hechter