Medical Literature makes a big difference

Good attorneys work closely with physicians and
have access to key medical literature which can
help enhance the value of an injury case.

An orthopedic friend and researcher turned me on
to a great article in the Journal Of Orthopedic Surgeons.
The article reveals a study of whip-lash victims and
concluded that there is little correlation between the
amount of car damage and the severity of injury a
person can suffer.  According to the article: “Severity
of property damage is NOT a reliable predictor of injury
or outcome”.

Insurance companies love to correlate damage to injuries.
They will claim that  unless  your car was crushed,  you
could not have been injured.  This is just a not true.
Make sure your attorney has a medical background
and good connections with doctors who will really go
to bat for you.  Thanks,

Rich Hechter, J.D., MBA





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