Board Certified, Peer Reviewed Attorneys

Your doctor is most likely board certified.  This means he or she had to undergo rigorous extra eduction and take tests and pass them.  Do you know there is a certification process for attorneys as well.  According to the Minnesota State Bar Association, only approximately 3% of practicing attorneys in our state are “board certified”.

Finding a Board Certified attorney lets you know that the attorney has undergone significant training, education and testing.  It also means that Judges vouch for the attorney’s trial abilities (in the case of litigation certification).  To be certified, you need recommendations from judges you have tried cases before.

Rich Hechter is Board Certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association as a civil trial specialist (litigation) and  has been continuously certified (and re-certified, since 1998).

If you are going to chose an attorney, your best bet is to make sure the attorney has the credentials to do the job, and won’t pass you off to some other firm if things get “hairy”.

If you are hiring an attorney, make sure he or she has done your type of case a lot, and has success in court.  For more information, feel free to call Rich Hechter at 952-582-2940.

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