The best engagement or wedding gift

Having your children getting engaged is certainly a cause for celebration.  Gift “showers” and parties will
be thrown.  As a family law attorney, I would recommend that instead of, or in addition to buying a gift off of the bridal registry, you consider buying your child and soon to be son or daughter-in-law a gift certificate for legal work from a reputable attorney.

Couples who marry should have:  Wills, Living Wills, Powers Of Attorney for one-another and, a prenuptial agreement with advice (or lecture) on how to set up financial accounts  to help diminish the number one cause of friction between couples…..”money”.

Richard W. Hechter & Associates provides gift certificates for these services.  For more information, Call Rich Hechter at 952-582-2940 or send him an email at   Rich has been helping Minnesotans since 1988.


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