Taking Over-Reaching Attorneys Down!

I am pleased to share my recently victory for a client against an attorney who significantly over-billed my client and made her essentially destitute.     This attorney started out representing my client for a simple divorce.  The couple had only been married for less than 6 years, there were no children.   This attorney, without bringing the couple to anything even close to divorce, billed my client over $66,000.00 and represented that the bill would likely exceed $100,000.00.  My client paid close to $20,000.00 (having to raid her retirement funds to do so) and when my client couldn’t pay the balance, her first attorney dumped her, and then sued her for over $46,000.00 in unpaid legal fees.

The woman then came to me and within a few months, I was able to obtain a wonderful result on her divorce for $1,500.00.  Not only that, I fought the first attorney in court over her fees.  The judge agreed with me, issued an order greatly scolding the other attorney for charging excessive and exorbitant fees, and cut the claimed fees down to only $4,000.00.  While this is a tremendous victory, I am still going to fight to get the remaining $4,000.00 written off or waived by this attorney.

The morale of the story is to please shop around and get good references before hiring an attorney.  Especially a divorce attorney.  No-one needs to pay tens of thousands of dollars for a divorce when the facts and assets don’t justify the same.  Don’t be taken advantage of and become “co-dependent” upon an attorney.  Do research, read up on the laws and procedures.  My book, “Divorced in 60 Seconds” is a great quick read and resource.  It is available on line through all major book sellers (i.e. Barnes and Nobel and Amazon).  Make sure your attorney is working for YOU and not himself!

Copyright 2015 Rich Hechter