Divorce Without Courts

Rich Hechter & Associates LLC offers a unique and truly peaceful alternative to divorce litigation.  Allowing couples to obtain a divorce with dignity, the firm helps to preserve relationships and positive feelings between spouses and children.  The “secret” is to make each spouse an informed business consultant with objective outcome analysis directives in terms of their marriage uncoupling.

“If emotions can be acknowledged and validated–yet taken out of the equation–couples can then gain the reasoning ability, insight and long-term projections to craft their own divorce agreement,” said Richard Hechter, Founder of Rich Hechter & Associates LLC.

Instead of becoming battling advocates, spouses become strategic partners, drawing on each other’s strengths with the goal of logically and fairly uncoupling their relationship.

What makes Hechter & Associates LLC unique, is that they utilize very experienced therapists to first help the couples accept the situation of divorce and then work through their fears, doubts and uncertainties in order to reach an outcome beneficial to all family members.  Once this is accomplished, then the parties are ready to “partner” together to objectively craft their own plan–most suitable for their unique family–in terms of how to move in a healthy way out of the relationship and on with their individual lives.

For more informaton, visit Rich Hechter & Associates LLC at www.richhechter.com  Rich literally wrote the book on divorce:  “Divorced in 60 Seconds” Now at Amazon/Kindle

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