Winning in court. Victory is Sweet and CAN be done

My friends, last Friday I represented a man charged with causing a significant accident.  I could not cut any deal with the prosecutor (City of Apple Valley) so we took the case to trial.

The State (prosecutor) only called the police officer.  As a matter of fact, the police officer came after the accident and did not witness the accident.  He was also NOT trained as an accident reconstructionist.  The other involved driver never showed for court.  I cross-examined the heck out of the police officer to the point where he had to admit he had NO idea how the accident happened or who caused it.

I then cited a very important Minnesota Court of Appeals case which holds that the mere fact there is an accident is not, in and of itself, enough evidence to convict any driver of breaking the law.  Any criminal acts (i.e. speeding, failing to yield, etc) MUST be proved beyond a reasonable doubt.

The great Judge Robert King ended up acquitting my client.  He walked free, and his insurance company is also quite pleased as they now have defenses against civil claims.

The point of the story is to hire a good attorney who has trial experience and knows the law in our state.  Rich Hechter & Associates has been taking cases to court and winning since 1988.  Better Credentialed, Better Results Law Firm.

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