Another Victory At Trial

I just won a very contested case in front of Judge Ann Alton in Hennepin County.  I represented a woman who was being sued for wrongful interference with a contract, among other things.

In the court’s written ruling (which I just received), the court dismissed the other side’s law suit, and found the lawsuit to be “frivolous” .  My client was
100% vindicated.  I am sure the other side is not having a nice 4th of July weekend.

Knowing how to conduct trials and knowing the judges you appear in front of in key for keeping up a winning record.  If you need any type of legal help, you need to make sure the attorney you hire is “certified court ready”.  Even the simplest things can end up in court.  You and your attorney must be prepared for that situation.

*Rich Hechter is certified as a civil trial specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association and a Fellow of the Academy Of Certified Trial Lawyers For Minnesota.

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