We answer phones!

I have to vent.  I am so sick and tired of having to go through voice mail menus to reach a live person.  The most aggravating part is that the “recording” or greeting you get often

says “please listen closely as our menu options have changed”.  Pressing the intuitive “0” gets you disconnected!   At Richard Hechter & Associates, I require my phones to be

answered.  If you want to immediately speak with a live human and have legal needs, give us a call.


On a legal note, I am currently litigating a case involving the First Amendment and Freedom of Speech.  My client was charged with disorderly conduct for calling a woman “gorgeous”.  I kid you not.  This case is being prosecuted by the Bloomington City Attorney.  Under our Constitution, the government can not regulate nor punish speech unless the speech constitutes “fighting words” or are such that would incite an immediate riot.  I will report back on what happens with this interesting case.


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