Winning With Experts

Friends, I just concluded a case where a woman was in a car accident at the old Ford Plant in St. Paul.  She was turning left our of a row of parked cars to go onto the “through road” which leads out of the plant.  The other driver was driving a Chevy Suburban east down the through road.  When my client turned into the eastbound lane of travel, she was hit in the side (T-Boned) by the Chevy.  The other driver and multiple witnesses (all his friends), said my client failed to yield and turned right in front of him.

To make matters worse, the accident was caught on grainy video.  The tape was damaging to our client.  We had one witness who said the truck was speeding.  We knew this would not overcome the “friends” of the defendant and the video.

We (Hechter & Associates) hired a video forensic expert named Richard Diercks (Forensic Video in Plymouth) to analyze the video.  He was able to measure speeds and concluded the truck was going “34” miles per hour in a 10 mile per hour zone.  Speed forfeits the right-of-way.  As a result of our tracking down a truly independent witness and hiring a forensic expert to calculate speeds and distances, the case went for a $0.00 offer to settling before trial for 6 figures.

At times attorneys need to hire experts (i.e. engineers, forensic video experts, doctors, etc).  Make sure the law firm you chose has the resources and experience to use experts when required.  We would have never, ever had won this case had it not been for Richard Diercks and Forensic Video.  I remain grateful.


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