Best Wedding Gift For Your Children

The most important wedding gift a couple should

receive won’t be found on their registry at Macy’s, Target or Nordstrom. It’s not made from gold, platinum or silver, but has much greater value. What engaged

couples really need is an immediate consultation with an experienced

family lawyer to get their future, married home in legal and financial

order. This service is exactly what one of Minnesota’s boutique law firms provides.  Richard W. Hechter & Associates,  LLC. Of St. Louis Park, Minnesota is a well known and respected boutique law firm focusing on Personal Injury,  Criminal Defense and Family Law. One   very unique and acclaimed focus of the practice is to provide newlyweds and  engaged couples with consultation and advice on how to financially and legally set up a household in a way designed to maximize marital benefits for the couple, as well as minimize long-term fights and disharmony over how assets should be controlled, spent and separated.


Hechter & Associates provides couples with the key initial legal

documents a new family needs. These include a Will, a Living Will

(often called a Health Care Directive or Proxy), a Power Of Attorney

Form, and a Pre-nuptial or Post-nuptial Agreement. “When couples

don’t have a will, they are, in essence, letting the State decide

where their assets go. This is probably far from what they want,” Hechter says.

“Living Wills allow the couples to make their opinions and wishes known for

tough medical choices which, hopefully, will never have to be made.

A Power of Attorney allows one spouse to legally act on behalf of the other if one should be out of the state, or incapacitated.


Finally, Pre-nuptial Agreements allow the couples to expressly agree on how their assets and accumulations of wealth will be handled, titled and divided should the unthinkable happen (i.e., divorce or separation). Hechter notes, “People have the misconception that they don’t need a Pre-nuptial Agreement when they start life’s journey together if they have little to no assets. In reality, couples should have such agreements on the front end so when they do reach their earnings potentials and do have an accumulation of assets, such as 401K accounts, IRAs, Pensions, Money Market accounts, etc, those items are protected and not randomly divided.


“Pre-nuptial Agreements do not jinx a marriage,” shares Hechter. “They are

simply good business planning tools in a country where close to 50 percent of

all marriages end in separation or divorce


Richard W. Hechter & Associates charges $650.00 for the “Newlywed Package”

Which includes an hour of education on how to most effectively set up a new

financial household, and provides a simple Will, Living Will,

Powers of Attorney, and a Pre-nuptial or Post-nuptial Agreement.

Hechter suggests and advises that couples really need to obtain these

services and documents after they become engaged, but before they are



Richard W. Hechter has been practicing law since 1988. He has been

named a “Super Lawyer” by his peers and is certified as a civil trial

specialist by the Minnesota State Bar Association – one of only 3% in the state.

Mr. Hechter also holds an MBA degree from Augsburg College in Minneapolis and a bachelor of arts degree in Psychology from the University of Minnesota. In addition, Hechter teaches law in the Twin Cities, acts as an Arbitrator for the

American Arbitration Association, and conducts private mediations and



Hechter is the author of the well-received and reviewed book,

“Divorced in 60 Seconds”, available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

To learn more about Richard W. Hechter & Associates, please visit the firm’s website at or use the following contact information for further information, comments or to make an appointment


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