When others say no, we love to say yes

I am just  finishing a case where a 96 year old woman sustained a comminuted femur fracture while at a nursing home.  She died a few days later.  The home did not provide any treatment nor immobilization to the leg.  My client “shopped around to several attorneys” and hit rejection after rejection.  The attorneys told her the family had no case and the grandma would have died any day, in any event.

My client then came to me.  I immediately recognized the nursing home had “exposure” for the accident and failing to treat the same.  I thoroughly researched the rights and remedies nursing home patients have.  Most of these rights are on the Medicare website.

I laid out a very detailed case to the nursing home, citing facts, laws and regulations.  The result:  A very large confidential settlement for the family.  This case is being court approved as this post is written.

Not all attorneys are competent in all areas.  If you have a nursing home case, make sure your attorney is experienced in the area of geriatric care and nursing home regulations.  Malpractice and nursing home mistakes is a subspecialty most attorneys know little about.


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