Recent victories, Dress Right, Some judges are not fit to serve.

Dear friends,

Here are some updates.  My office just settled a large product liability claim for a brake hose failure.  We have had great luck on the criminal defense side. I was just in court with a nice woman who was charged with DUI .18.  Final disposition, stay of imposition of sentence, no jail, no community service and a $300.00 fine.  My client,wore a nice dress.  The judge actually commented stating that part of her reason for such a lenient sentence was that my client dressed appropriately and showed much respect to the court.  I was in court today and it’s unbelievable what people wear.  It’s like they are going to the beach or a BBQ at a friends house.  Here is a tip, impressions do matter. Thus, if you have to go to court, show respect by wearing nice clothing.

I am very pleased to announce that we corrected the biggest wrong I have ever seen by a judge.  My client was sexually assaulted by her husband.  He was convicted of rape.  He did time, is currently on probation and is a “registered sex offender”.  This happened while a child was in the house.  My client appeared at an initial divorce hearing without an attorney.  The judge (will not mention names) actually granted the husband joint physical custody, allowing the young child to stay with dad, after what he did.  I was hired, went to court, demanded a guardian ad litem be appointed for the child and that a custody study be ordered.  Well, to make a long story short, custody was immediately reversed with mom getting full sole custody of the child and dad just getting limited and supervised visitation.  I have no idea what the Judge was thinking, awarding split custody to a violent sex offender.  I will be filing a complaint against this judge after the “ink dries” on the final paperwork.  Lesson:  Don’t rely on judges to make your fate.  You need an attorney if you are going to court.  This is a very true story.


I wish everyone the best,

Rich Hechter

Richard W. Hechter & Assoc. LLC



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