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I am pleased to announce that I am starting to write a new book called “Curb Side Kids”.    The book is meant to help children understand they are not alone in the world of divorce and dealing with parents who are so hostile, they can’t even escort the children into the other parent’s home for visitation.  The book is also meant to educate parents about the great psychological harm they are causing children by using  “curb-side” or neutral site drop offs.

What you may not know is that many divorced parents have such animosity and hatred for each other, that they can not be “face to face” even when dropping children off for visitation.  Thus, in these not uncommon situations, the Court will order “curb side” drop off and pick up.  This just means that the parent driving the child to the other parent’s home MUST stay in the car.  The poor kid has to wait “at the curb” until the other parent opens the door and motions the kid to come in.  It is also common for these types of parents to use “neutral sites” for exchanging kids such as McDonalds.  Thus, every Sunday, Johnny’s mom drive’s him to the local McDonalds.  They wait until Johnny’s dad shows up in his rusty Pick Up Truck. Then the kid runs from one car to the other.  This “method”, in my opinion, is totally deleterious to the psychological health and well=being of the children.  You can NOT and should not do this to your kids.

Rich Hechter

Richard W. Hechter

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