We really do a an incredible job. Our clients don’t go to jail


I just finished my representation of “David”.  He is a 40 year-old man with 7 prior felony points.  He was charged last August (2016) with FELONY DWI.  The prosecutor in Hennepin County was adamant.  He demanded my client serve 72 months in real prison (Stillwater).  Here is what we did.

  1.  Made best judge selection
  2.  Immediately had “David” get into an accredited chemical treatment program
  3.  Sat on him like a mother hen, making sure he was 100% compliant and had NO dirty UAs.  Made sure sat on him to ensure he remained Abstinent.
  4.  Got numerous letters of character from his community.
  5. Submitted numerous legal briefs, made numerous legal arguments and submitted a Petition for Leniency (downward departure).
  6. We purposely dragged the case out as long as possible to show “David” WAS drug free for as long as possible.  Time was our friend here.
  7. He made David do certain “trade secret” activities behind the scenes.
  8. He had his trial set for February 27th and a mandatory settlement conference with the judge, prosecutor and probation officer yesterday.
With the cards and deck stacked against this very nice man, we actually accomplished the impossible.  We were able to have the Judge sentence him to a STAY (hold off) of going to prison for 5 years in return for doing only 90 days in the work house (county dorm), and an additional 8 months on home electronic monitoring.  Of course, our client was allowed to go to work and continue with his treatment.  He also received a $1,200.00 fine.  This is a huge victory and what a good and involved defense team can do.  It needs to be mentioned on his last DWI (before he found us), David served 2 years in prison.  ** Having the right attorney who really knows how to handle serious cases is so important.  I count this case as one of my most successful NON-Trial outcome.  If you want more information, call me, Rich Hechter, Richard W. Hechter, attorney, Rich Hechter & Associates, LLC, at 952-920-0840.

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