Car Accidents

In Minnesota,  your own car insurance (regardless of fault) will typically pay your reasonable medical and/or chiropractic bills.  Your own insurance will also reimburse you for some of your wage loss – if you miss work due to your injuries from the accident.

The insurance company covering the at-fault driver can end up paying you for your injuries, pain and suffering, and anything else you are out of as a result of the accident.

The value of your case is based primarily upon the following simple factors:  1.  Who is at fault.  2.  The nature and extent of your injuries, 3.  Your prognosis for the future; and 4. who your doctors and lawyers are.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you are injured in a car accident.  First and most importantly, get your injures documented as soon as possible by an emergency room, urgent care facility or your REGULAR doctor.  A very common mistake car accident victims make is to listen to ill-advised advertising on TV and go to some new doctor or, usually a chiropractor.  This is a big mistake.  If you have a long term relationship with a clinic or particular doctor, everyone in the insurance and legal system (i.e. insurance companies,  judge and jury) will be very
skeptical when you go see some new chiropractor, and not your regular and trusted doctor you’ve had for years.  Going to a new doctor can greatly lower your chance of a good settlement.

As a personal example, I have been going to the Allina Clinic in Minnesota for over 20 years.  It would seem very strange to the insurance companies and jurors if I went to some new chiropractor I had never known, on a referral from some attorney, instead of going back to my trusted Allina clinic.  Don’t let your self be manipulated by cheap lawyers looking for a quick settlement by sending you to one of their “friends or chiropractors in their business plan”. Going to see your long and trusted doctor or clinic first is what makes sense.

Next, make sure the lawyer you choose is respected and has the skills to go to court if necessary.  Contrary to public belief, very few attorneys have taken their clients’ cases to court.  Many attorneys end up referring their clients to trial attorneys when things get rough.  It’s best to start and end with the same attorney – a trial attorney.    The insurance companies keep track of the “advertisers”, versus the truly seasoned and credentialed attorneys.

Your best bet is to chose an attorney that insurance companies have respect for and recognize as a strong opponent.

Copyright 2015 Rich Hechter