Rich Hechter is highly experienced in working through challenging relationship issues involving separation and divorce.  Rich often utilizes mediation techniques to assist couples in peacefully and amicably resolving their differences and reach consensus on all issues.

Rich is a master of divorce laws and can help you understand them too, as well as use them to your advantage- if divorce is the only option.

There are many vital issues couples need to think about when contemplating divorce.  It is not as easy as just leaving.  There are numerous legal issues which must be addressed.  These include:  Custody, visitation, child support, insurance for the spouses and children, alimony, division of the equity in the home, division of savings and retirement plans, how debts are going to be handled, who is going to pay the cell phone and car insurance bills, tax issues, etc.

Rich is a big proponent for having a prenuptial agreement and setting up three account types for each couple contemplating marriage.  Also, Minnesota has a very strong cohabitation law.  If you live with someone without marriage, you need a cohabitation agreement.  Rich can help you with these items.

Rich recently wrote a best reviewed book, Divorced in 60 Seconds: What His Attorney Doesn’t Want You to Know.  This is a quick and easy read that provides valuable information to get anyone up to speed on our divorce laws.  You can find it on Amazon or at your local bookseller.  Here are what some readers have said:  The book will be available on Kindle very soon.

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Praise for Divorced in 60 Seconds:
Uncoupling in a relationship is a very strenuous, hectic, and demoralizing time for couples with or without children. Issues regarding lawyers, finances, custody, and parenting time are confusing and depressing. As a psychotherapist I often recommend to my patients the book by Richard W. Hechter J.D., MBA, “Divorced in 60 Seconds”. I share with my patients that the book is a hands on step by step encyclopedia that provides the necessary components that they require to make the uncoupling process move very smoothly. Following the format of Hechter’s book will enable the uncoupling process to move along in a healthy way and leave the parties mentally healthy.
-Sheldon Pinsky, Psychotherapist, PhD, LICSW, LMFT (Minnesota Medical and Rehabilitative Services, LLC)

Finally, a quick read to get up to speed on our divorce laws and how to use them to your advantage. The author of this book, Richard W. Hechter, J.D, MBA, provides readers with the nuts and bolts of divorce laws in easy to understand and digestible segments. 

Too often the books written by professionals are understandable to only professionals of the same industry, not so with this book. Hechter writes in a clear and concise manner and provides sound legal and personal advice for any user — male or female (despite what the title might imply). As a marriage and family therapist, I recommend this book in situations where the relationship is irretrieveably damaged — better prepared before you get taken advantage of (again) by the person who once professed to love you forever (or at least until you die).
-Ann LS (

Great book. Excellent information. Highly recommend it for anyone thinking about divorce or separation.
-Julie92 (

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