Straight Forward Pricing

We work on a 29 % contingency fee for car accident cases.  Workers compensation claims are handled on even a lower percentage of cost.  With these types of cases (i.e. Car Accidents and Work Injuries), you never have to pay out of your own pocket for legal fees.  We simply withhold proceeds obtained from the at-fault party or other insurance company, and make sure you are paid your fair share!  No one, in this day and age, should be paying their attorney more.  As Rich says, “friends don’t let friends pay 1/3rd”.  In this economy and with the price of medical care,  you need all the help you can get.

Other Services:

Divorce – Uncontested $1,200.00 plus the filing fee to the court
Divorce – Contested $500.00 retainer, plus $95.00 per hour
Divorce – Mediation $140.00 per hour
Contract drafting $75.00 per hour
Contract review $75.00 per hour
Simple Wills $300.00
Will with guardian for kids $500.00
Living Wills/Power of Attorney $100.00
Traffic ticket defense starting at $450.00 *prices vary per county
Criminal charges defense starting at $600.00 plus trial costs
General mediation for any dispute $140.00 per hour
Litigation and court services $110.00 per hour
Consultations ALWAYS FREE

*Prices are subject to change. Some cases may also require court filing fees and other costs and disbursements.



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