We want to publicly thank the legal and medical communities for their many, many years of continued support.  We are very honored by the trust you place in us with your referrals of your clients and patients.  Working together collaboratively ensures the best results possible for the patients and clients.

Please know, our office will write workers compensation Appellate briefs, and handle all aspects of criminal and civil trial work for attorneys. We also offer Real Estate Brokers services for helping our clients and providers find the home of their dreams.

We often supply lecturers for our students in the junior and senior high schools, and local colleges as well.  Just call us at 952-920-0840

Rich Hechter has been serving Minnesotans since 1988.  He is board certified by the State Bar Association as a Civil Trial Specialist and a fellow of the Academy of Certified Trial Lawyers for Minnesota.  Rich is known and recognized by Judges, Insurers and the Bar for his exceptional communical skills, caring for his clients, and receiving above-average results.  Rich is the Author of the highly praised book on divorce: “Divorced In 60 Seconds”. (On Amazon).  Rich has been an  arbitrator with the AAA since 1996.  He also teaches part time at local colleges, and acts as a private mediator.

Rich has handled thousands of mediations, arbitrations, motions and trials for both individuals, insurers and corporations.  Rich is a licensed Real Estate Broker and has been recognized in the past by his peers as a rising star, a Super Lawyer and one of the best personal injury attorneys in the state.

Our office provides unsurpassed client service and values strict confidentiality in his practice.  We makes it a point to get to know our clients and really understand their needs.  Areas of practice include:  Personal Injury, Liability Defense, Criminal and Traffic Defense, Family Law. and a new defensive medicine practice (educating and assisting medical professionals on the current trends in health care law, and how to make their practices safer – i.e. reduce risk of liability).  A sample listing of clients include:  Twin Cities Foot and Ankle Clinic, P.A., Schatz Real Estate Group, Nile Chiropractic Clinic, Minnesota Medical and Rehabilitation. Hechter & Associates also has a rich and deep list of active individual clients. We always provides free consultations and work on a reduced 25% contingency fee for auto accident cases. We are most proud of a large scrapbook full of unsolicited thank you notes received from his friends and clients.





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