S.W. v ABC Church Sexual Abuse by Pastor $1.2 million
S.L. v Non-Profit Client denied unemployment Won appeal, now receiving unemployment
Jane Doe v. MD (Confidential) Botched Breast Surgery 6 figure confidential settlement
T.T. v. D.M. Negligent gun shot to leg $250,000
State v. KH Gun Charge Charge Dismissed
State v. AA Traffic Charges Charges Dismissed and Kept Off Record
State v. CD Assault Charge Acquitted by jury
C.E. v. Nursing Home 94 yr old dropped $85,000
State v. R.S. Two Traffic Tickets Both charges completely dismissed
State v. B.W. Careless driving with accident Charges greatly reduced to a petty misdemeanor inattentive driving and $200 fine
State v. I.Y. Felony Strangulation Charge Charge completely dismissed
Gross DUI No jail, 29 days home arrest, and $400 fine
T.W. v. Auto Owners Auto Accident $750,000
L.J. v. M.J. Divorce in Dakota County Achieved satisfying divorce for client
State v. D.S. Third DUI 1 day STS, $100,000 fine, and attend Henn. Co. one day DUI program
D.M. v. Bachmans Employment appeal Won
P.S. v. R.W. Dismissal of restraining order Won
M.J. v. M.R. & C.R. Real estate fraud Won in arbitration
State v. A.G. Stop Sign Charge Won at trial
D.S. v. ABC Ins. Soft Tissue Car Accident Case Settled for $50,000
B.M. v. ABC Corp. Slip and fall $103,500
State v. M.B. Charged with causing accident Acquitted
S. v. W. Client sued for interference with contract Won! (See blog.)
D.A. v. USAA Ins Back Injury $90,000
State v. M.A. Major Accident Caused Probation, accident kept off record
State v. I.A. Charged with driving without a license and not using a child restraint Charge completely dismissed
State v. N.L. Heroin possession charge (felony) Kept off record
D.N. v. K.F. Prevented change of custody Won
C.P. v. Apartment Complex Fell on ice $55,000 settlement (shoulder injury)
State v. Y.A. DWI Reduced to careless driving and $50 fine
State v. T.K. Disorderly/Stalking Charge Dismissed day of trial
State v. A.H. DUI 2nd degree, child in car No jail, no home arrest, $450 fine
J.K. v. L Temp worker burned at placed employer Beat borrowed servant/common enterprise defense. Large settlement-confidential. Found technicality.
A.M. v. ABC Trucking Semi Accident Large Confidential Settlement
L.M. v. W.P. Parking lot accident Six figure confidential settlement
D.W. v. M.F. Auto accident, jury trial $128,000 verdict (doubled the last offer)
State v. G.W. Domestic assault charges All charges dismissed
State v. S.A. Felony Burglary Complete victory. Charges completely dismissed. (2/11/15)
D.M. v. Farmers Auto insurance/soft tissue $25,000 settlement
Jane Doe, Trustee v. XYZ Nursing Home Broken Leg Large confidential settlement
C.V. v. Cement Company $275,000 settlement
State v. R.P. Felony Second Degree Assault (Knife) Resolved. Misdemeanor violation of restraining order. Stay of imp. No jail, no workhouse time, no community service.
State v. R.F. Felony Possession of Illegal Gun (Obliterated Serial Number) Reduced to misdemeanor. Only 28 days community service. NO jail, $78 fine.
MN v. Bar and Car Wrongful death Settled for $1.8 million
J.B. v. A.S. Car Accident with Neck Injury (1/20/18) $105,000
L.S. v. BCBS BCBS denied claim (1/20/18) Won! Convinced court to rule desired procedure was "medically necessary"
T.F. v. J.M. Auto accident, Neck Injury and Concussion (1/20/18) $50,000

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